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  green cream management  

When starting a retinoid regimen, it is important to keep realistic expectations of the results you are trying to achieve. Though side effects occur in about 20% of Green Cream users, it is important that you understand that it is a normal reaction. Most people can work through any issues with a little management. Having a side effect is proof that the product is working for them. For those who don't have side effects, it simply means that your skin is more adaptable to a retinoid. Retinoids work differently for everyone and it's important that you recognize what is happening to your and skin and work through potential problem areas. Patience is a virtue when using a retinoid.

Symptoms Description Application Recommendation
Irritation Skin will feel tight and may sting (like sunburn). In severe cases, skin may appear red and swollen. Reduce the number of applications of Green Cream or suspend use until skin normalizes. A mild moisturizer may ease irritation. In severe cases, hydrocortisone may be needed for a short time.
Flaking and Shedding Because retinoids exfoliate the outer skin levels, it is natural that skin may flake or shed. Flaking tends to occur more often in early stages of acclimating to retinoid regimen. Frequent use of a moisurizer will sellte down most flaking. A mild exfoiant in the morning may remove most flaking. Adding more application of Green Cream may be helpful as long as you are not irritating your skin.
Dry, Uneven Skin At times it may be difficult to distinguish between dry skin and impending irritation. some experience a symptom called "crepey eye". The skin under the eyes can have a thin wrinkled paper texture. To alleviate dry skin, you'll want to frequently apply a moisturizer. After using Green Cream for a time, your skin will need less moisturizing. You may want to suspend use in the eye area while skin normalizes, then slowly resume use until the skin acclimates.
Breakouts and Blemishes As early retinol use shrinks pores, users may experience more breakouts. This is not a reaction to the product, but a normal "purging" process that eliminates impurities from the pores. As long as skin is not irritated, it is best to "power through the purge" by applying more of the retinoid as often as possible. A salicyclic acid can also be helpful.



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