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Advanced Skin Technology
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create meaningful products and treatments that makes a difference in our customer’s overall health and appearance. We will remain true to dermatological principals and proven scientific tenets.

We will pursue our mission with unbridled passion for our customers, skin care professionals and employees which we serve and share.

Formula For Success

Company Biography

Advanced Skin Technology, LLC (AST) creates and markets performance based skin care products called cosmeceuticals that are sold primarily through licensed estheticians and physician’s offices. The company relocated from New Orleans, LA to Birmingham, AL after Hurricane Katrina.

The company is dedicated to the research and promotion of topical retinoids. The company's flagship product, Green Cream, was one of the World's first high potency retinol products.

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Company Milestones

1986 - A New Orleans Dermatologist creates Green Polymer Cooling Gel™.

2001 - Company formed in New Orleans, LA to market high potency retinol called Green Cream® using Green Polymer Cooling Gel

2003 - Releases the highest potency retinol available in the U.S. Level 9 Green Cream®.

2005 - Company relocates to Birmingham, AL after Hurricane Katrina

2009 - Company releases world's first moisture sealant - Aqualant®.


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