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  Unagel - detailed instructions  

To achieve best results, we will offer you guidelines. Please keep in mind that any treatment regimen will only work if you use the product consistently. Therefore, it is best to adapt a product to your personal habits. For example, if you are instructed to apply something in the morningin and you typically apply products at night...apply the product in the morning when convenient for you..

You can achive the best results by applying Unagel after gently cleansing the face. Unagel® is considered a non-irritating formula and should be applied daily and up to twice daily as tolerated. If you do get irritated, stop use for a few days and let your skin heal and then start back. If irritation persists, then you may need to consult with a skin care professional to determine if this product is right for you.

Apply a full pump of Unagel to your hands and generously cover the affected acne areas.

We strongly recommend that you use a topical retinoid, like Green Cream - high potency retinol, or a prescription strength retinoid if needed. Because retinoids can be irritating, it is best to introduce a of the retinoidafter your skin has adapted to Unagel® first..

It is never a good idea to introduce more than one product into your normal routine. You can slowly add new products into your skin care regimen over the course of several weeks. Patience is a virtue especially when dealing with the treatment of acne.



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